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Amadeo M-DRw Mobile X-Ray Machine - AM2123 XRay

Mobile X-ray system with wireless X-ray detector

Please allow 4-6 weeks lead time for delivery once order has been processed, thank you.

Please note that training for any of the Amadeo units can only be booked once confirmation of the units arrival at site is made. Please contact Medshop for a quotation for training, installation and any additional accessories that you may require. Training is provided by the Amadeo's overseas technicians and they need to travel to Australia to arrange the training.

Features & Benefits ofAmadeo MSystems

Mobile X-ray imaging from head to toe, including thorax and abdomen

TheAmadeo Mis a very powerful X-ray system offering the full range of medical X-ray imaging techniques for clinical diagnosis.

Form follows function

The design follows the principles of lightweight construction and mobility. Aluminium components and modern plastics predominate, with stainless steel implemented for load-bearing elements.

Easy handling and maintenance

Amadeo MX-ray systems are very easy to clean. All electronic components are sealed to ensure safe shipping and repositioning. External cables have been reduced to a bare minimum. An optional plastic transport case is available for shipping and storage.

Quick setup

The system can be set up and ready for use in less than two minutes.

Outstanding X-ray technology

The system‘s excellent protective shield minimizes radiation leakage from the housing and reduces the controlled area to 1.5 m. No further radiation protection measures are required outside of the small controlled area.

Reliable even under extreme environmental conditions

TheAmadeo MX-ray system reliably produces high-quality images even at high humidity and extreme temperatures.

Brilliant X-ray images in a flash

The excellent specifications of the newAmadeo Msystem in terms of performance, size, weight, compact design and integrated operational concept make it an undisputed global leader in producing high-quality X-ray images under diverse (and often adverse) conditions.

Short cycle time

In relation to its size, the high frequency generator of theAmadeo Mhas a high power output (up to 150 mAs, optionally up to 220 mAs). Under full load, the system produces six images per minute – an outstanding performance for this type of system.

No time lost during repositioning

An optional UPS keeps the PC functioning in case of power failure or when the system is moved to a new location. The system does not have to be restarted and is immediately operational.


The professionaldicomPACSDX-R acquisition software sports an intuitive and modern graphical user interface. Examinations can be conducted comfortably at the monitor, which also automatically communicates all X-ray parameters to the generator.

One operator console controls the entire system.

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