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Firesafe Oxygen Flowmeter 0–15 L/Min

Firesafe Oxygen Flowmeter 0–15 L/Min

The FireSafe Flowmeter controls the flow of medical gas in a precise manner, enhancing safety of patients and healthcare staff by arresting oxygen flow in the event of tubing fire.

Flow range: 0 - 15 lpm. Outlet fitting: Tapered nipple.

Static Control

Build up of electrostatic charge within flowmeters is a common and well documented problem, often causing the ball to become stuck inside the flow tube and thereby preventing an accurate reading. The Firesafe™ Flowmeter benefits from state-of-the-art materials that ensure electrostatic charge is quickly dissipated and will not affect its accuracy.

Precision Float

Unlike conventional ball and glass style flowmeters, the Firesafe™ Flowmeter incorporates a precision float with a fluted rim, that continuously rotates in the gas stream to provide visual confirmation that gas is flowing and the device is providing an accurate reading.

Firesafe™ Nozzle

Every Firesafe™ Flowmeter is fitted with BPR Medical Firesafe™ Nozzle, minimising the known risks of fire associated with oxygen therapy. The Firesafe™ Nozzle can limit the impact of an oxygen fire by automatically arresting the oxygen. Acting like a fuse, it automatically isolates the oxygen supply providing the following potential benefits:

  • Slows the rate of a fire developing, therefore buying the patient and caregivers more time to evacuate
  • Prevents progression of the fire in the PVC tube to upstream equipment
  • Lowers the probability a fire will spread any further
  • Minimises the amount of structural damage and the cost of restoration
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