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Scott Speciality Wipers Sanitiser Alcohol Antibacterial Wipe

Scott Speciality Wipers Sanitiser Alcohol Antibacterial Wipe

• One canister of Scott antibacterial wipes contains 70 wipes, one case contains 12 canisters
• Easy to use wipes that kill 99% of bacteria on a range of non-porous and non-food surfaces
• Compact, easy to use dispenser makes disinfecting simple and easy
• These multipurpose wipes are pre-moistened with disinfectant for quick, hassle-free use
• Contains commercial grade disinfectant (active ingredient: 70% Isopropyl Alcohol)

Scott antibacterial wipes are the fast and effective way to kill 99% of bacteria throughout the workplace. Each antibacterial wipe is pre-moistened with commercial grade disinfectant, making them a highly effective cleaning solution for communal environments. Scott antibacterial wipes come in a compact, easy to dispense container for your convenience. These multipurpose antibacterial wipes efficiently clean surfaces and items in the office including telephones, photocopiers and whiteboards. Scott antibacterial wipes, by Kimberly-Clark Professional, form part of a wider range of cleaning products designed to create a safer, healthier and more productive workplace.